ECU Chequers 2017 Training Squad Lists

3 March 2017

ECU Members,

Following our two weeks of trials we have graded athletes into female and male squads who will continue to train in these squads for the next few weeks until teams are formed heading into the 2017 WAVL season. 2017 squad lists can be found at the below links. As discussed at the tryouts, the teams will be selected from these squad lists and there is still room for a lot of movement between squads. We have put players into squads as we wanted coaches to view a smaller number of athletes to make an assessment on before naming the teams.

Female Squad List

Male Squad List

If you attended tryouts and are not on these lists, please contact Gavin Lewis ASAP or come down on Tuesday to ECU. Gavin's email is

Also if you are listed on the squad lists, however have decided to no longer participate in the 2017 WAVL season please email Gavin Lewis at ASAP to assist the formation of teams.


ECU Chequers Committee

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